Rise ‘N’ Recline Chairs


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The rise ‘n’ recline chair with heat and massage to soothe tired, muscular tension.

The most popular chair in the Churchill’s range, the famous Relaxchair will help you retain your independence, whilst relaxing in real comfort. An infinite variety of positions means that sitting, reclining or getting out of the chair is made easy for you with just a simple touch of a button. Churchill’s innovative heat and massage function which comes available as an option with the Relaxchair will ensure that you receive a full, sensual massage that will help ease away everyday aches and pains and help you to relax more easily.

Comfort and Medical Benefits

  • Acts positively on fluid retention/swollen legs
  • Eases rheumatic aches and pains in muscles and joints
  • Improves circulation
  • Gives temporary relief from the symptoms of arthritis
  • Allows you to sit, recline or get up with ease at the simple touch of a button
  • Special heat and massage function to soothe tired, strained muscles
  • Range of fabrics & colours available